Every successful establishments possess a firm idea about their future. They know about what they want. Clearly defined goals have to be constantly sought after, even when the journey is not smooth. The achievement, however, is overcoming difficulties and the formulation of a strategy to achieve one's goal is as important as its vision. This has always been defined as STH's company policy for the last 23 years. To continually pursue this policy has been and is the basis of the success.

All those who have contributed, or still contributing to that success way be justifiably proceed of the tradition and continuity into which they are bound by their collegial relationship and responsibility which they feel and bear.
STH has also had its peaks and troughs. However determination, entrepreneurial courage, single-mindedness and willpower secured the future.

Above all, three factors have contributed to the future, The people in the company with their determination to work together on interesting and promising tasks is a major component of company policy from the very beginning. That is the first strength, and the second is that STH has always been and will always remain a middle-sized family concern. Leading technology and upgraded facility form the decisive third pillar.

Healthy, well led, forward thinking the companies of middle size are the bed rock of the Malaysian economy. In the last four decades alone, this size of companies has proven how it can provide strong economic impulses even under very difficult circumstances. Its principal advantages include being able to react quickly and flexibly. Short command chains, and fast decision making assist the customer whose wishes and requirements can be largely met with tailor made solutions. To be close to the market and customer however, demands an efficient organisation using the most modern systems.

Soon Tat Heng Engineering Sdn Bhd is a family concern. This fact is of extreme importance in the company philosophy and long term planning. Ownership brings obligations! In this context the family act as owners. They see themselves duty bound to the company together with its well-being and in the same measure to its employees. The concern does not have as its primary function, the need to satisfy external interests. Critical for its success was always, and still is, the willingness to suitably invest in progress and in future. Thus, the best interests of all concerned are best served.


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