Mig Arc Welder Machine
(Co2) Linclon-Brand Name

Pipe Binder

Turnet Milling Machine
(Spindle Speeds)

Plasma Cutter
(Hypertherm Max 100)

Pipe Rolling Machine

New Horizantal Hydraulic
Cutting Bandsaw Machine

Drilling Machine

Romar Rotator

Rotari Sawing Machine
(555) Taiwan

Hydraulic Sher
(Haco) 13mm Thickness

Iron Worker (Kingsland)

Plate Roller -
3415mm x 18mm Thickness

Mig Arc Welder
Machine Co2

Linclon Automatic Welder
(column and boom)

Hydraulic Bending Machine
(Gms) 200 Tons

Hydraulic Bending Portable

Up-Neg 75/90 Kva (Nes90sh)
Down-Sdg 125 Kva
(Sdg 125s)

1) Mig Arc Welder Machine

(co2) Panasonic -Brand Name
2) Linclon Semi Automatic
Welder Machine
      10 Ton MHE Overhead Crane
      10 Ton Kone Overhead Crane

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