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Y.T.PEK MBA AMIA (Financial Controller)

I am ENVIPRO CarAir user, obviously the product has removed the smell and cigarette smoke effectively in my car, and interestingly I realized that this product is capable to neutralize the VOCs, particularly Carbon Monoxide (CO). With my selective attention, I discovered that the air conditioning temperature as indicated in my car has become lower about 1 to 2 Degree which I think it is a something new and convinced me to share of my experience with others….
LARRY LAM BSC (Managing Director)

I am ENVIPRO CarAir user, I have a problem and constantly being complaint by my overseas customer when they get into my MPV - bad smell and dusts around in my car……after installed the product in my car recently, I realized that the bad smells have gone and less dust particles flying around as old day….anyway it is a good product which can further enhanced my customer satisfaction….no harm done.
K.P.CHING (Retiree)

I am a lung cancer patient, I am undergoing many times of chemotherapy treatment and my body was really weak and low antibody and more……I was really worried because virus and bacteria are always attacking those patient like me due to my awareness of many patients that I knew from oncology treatment center was attacked and passed away due to VIRUS. At that time I was looking around for additional protection…..which I have been introduced ENVIPRO products by my son, I have installed one unit of Home Series model at home and CarAir in my car. So far I am not really sure how effective of the product, but I felt much more comfortable and confidence - I am afraid those VIRUS get into my lung easily….therefore I preferred turning on the units at 24 hours. Thanks
BEN KOAY B.ECON (Group sales manager)

ENVIPRO CarAir has really enhanced my driving for long distance journey - not so fatigue, stay alert and not so sleepy….. I strongly believe that the generated ions have enhanced the quality of air breathed in by me in my car, especially the congested traffic conditions during the holiday seasons, an OXYGEN generator in the car will definitely worked as a protector to me.
S.C.KONG (Managing Director)

Our family always travelled together during the weekend and holiday seasons, but I have two children always giving me problem due to their sinus and asthma, lately I was introduced and installed the ENVIPPRO CarAir Air Neutralizer in my MPV, problems seem is improving as my own observation as well as feedbacks from my wife and children. My Suggestion….if you have similar problem like me…no harm try the ENVIPRO CarAir Air Neutralizer. Thanks
Anthony Ng (Insurance Agent)

I have a daughter always has the eye irritation easily either at home or in the car, this problem has been with me easily more than 5 years. Lately my neighbor has introduced me the ENVIPRO CarAir and Home Series Air Neutralizer for car and home respectively, with the present of these product, I realized my daughter’s MC has reduced tremendously after one months as compared with last time…..seem the solutions is working well for me. Thanks
Riyo Fukunaga (Fitness First Instructor)

Your CarAir Air Neutralizer is very easy to setup and installed. I like the design with no maintenance needed and it’s very convenient to find a place for it in the car. The product works well in a small space and I can feel that the air is fresher than before. I will definitely recommend this amazing product to any car user!
R. Chelvan (Senior Service Engineer)

The CarAir Air Neutralizer for car is an excellent design. It’s very easy to operate and quiet. After I installed your product, the odor in my car is gone and I also feel much more refresh when driving long distance. I am very satisfied with the product. Thanks ENVIPRO!
Hazrial bin Abdullah (Senior Technician)

My wife love cats and I have always had problems living with pets….but not anymore. I recently bought two units of HomeAir and one units of CarAir Air Neutralizer for my house and car. They work great, you should see the stuff that coming out of the air in my home! They are also super easy to use and so quiet. Envipro Air Neutralizer made it possible for me to live with pets and has reduced my allergy symptoms as well. Great Products!
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