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Breathe Easier on the road with our Sophisticated and sleek designed car air purifiers, The CarAir Air Neutralizer is a 3 in 1 combination of negative ions, activated ions and the optional fragrance to keep you refreshed and rejuvenated while driving
CE-TUV Approved, safely guaranteed from International authority.
Auto circulation with Negative and Activated Ion function to clean the air and remove odours, smoke and dust within the in-car environment.
Stylish looking, compact design and affordable price
No replacement cost , quiet operation and low power consumption
Optional Fragrance with Rose, Jasmine, Lemon and Apple
Power by the cigarette lighter socket and easy operation
Generate Fresh Oxygen and keep you rejuvenate while driving
Neutralize poisonous gas and kills bacterial and germs

A personal care air neutralizer operated by USB power to reduce the effect of computer radiation and remove bacterial and pollutant
CE and EMC certification approval and RoHS Compliance.
The PersonalAir come with two optional power supply: USB and SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)
A personal care products to reduce the computer and electronics radiation from your home and office
UL approved high-density negative ion generator producing high level of negative ions every second
High efficiency UV light plus TiO2 filter for decomposing almost all air pollutants and killing the germs and bacterial
Activated carbon filter to remove odours, smoke and harmful gases
A special desk-top stand for saving space.
Add your favourite fragrance or aroma on an available Fragrance Slide Compartment
Low power consumption with two speed control (high/low) and easy operation


The most compact, popular and affordable all-in-one Air Neutralizer with superior efficiency for your home and family. The HomeAir Neutralizer is a constant best seller.
CE, GS, (C)UL, and Sirim approval
Multi-layer filter cartridge (Pre-filter, HEPA, Activated carbon filter and optional UV light + TiO2 filter). The combination of multi-filtration process help to eliminate various airborne contaminant and purified your air
Negative Ion: release 3 to 4 million of Ions (Ions/cc) to "ground" dust, fumes and smoke and supply comfortable and refreshing air similar to the forest.
Speed Control: Low, Medium, High, three different speeds for different environment and time.
Timer Control: the series can be switched of automatically in 2h, 4h, and 8h interval.
Whisper operation and ultra quiet mode for sleeping and care for babies and children (25% quieter than some size units)
Excellent capacity of Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) with 99.97 purification rate
Optional Fragrance cartridge to supply your choose of scent for your room
HomeAir: With Remote control and LED Screen; Upgrade version of HomeAir with UV/TiO2 photocatalyst purification
The Ultimate Intelligent Sensors, LCD Display and Multifunctional air Neutralizer for home, office and Commercial Application
LCD displays all features, user-friendly and easy operation
High Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rate up to 280.
Elegant design with easy and quick access to the multi-stage filter (easy exchange feature)
Strong turbo fan to supply fast air circulation. Up to 380 M³ /Hours
Automatically shut off for safety protection when filter cartridge removed.
Auto and manual mode with remote control
Four speed setting: Mute, Low, Middle, and High with three timer setting of 2h, 4h and 8 h
The intelligent Odour and dust sensors detect pollutants and smell automatically and adjust fan speed accordingly
Negative Ion: release high level of negative Ions to "ground" dust, fumes and smoke and supply comfortable and refreshing air similar to the forest. environment
The ultimate purifying product with most complete (6 layer) multi-stage purification capability; PreFilter, Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter, UV light, Photocatalyst Oxidation (UV+TiO2) and negative ion
The filter replacement indicator detect the dirty degree of the filter and when the indicated is ON, please replace the filter
Applicable for large living room, lab, hospital, restaurant, office and commercial area.
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